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A* and Navigation Mesh in Game Programming Gems

A* in Game Programming Gems

  • Game Programming Gems 1
    • 3.3 The Basics of A* for Path Planning
    • 3.4 A* Aesthetic Optimizations
    • 3.5 A* Speed Optimizations
  • Game Programming Gems 3
    • 3.6 Tactical Path-Finding with A*
  • Game Programming Gems 5
    • 3.7 Beyond A*
    • 3.8 Advanced Pathfinding with Minimal Replanning Cost: Dynamic A Star (D*)
  • Game Programming Gems 7
    • 3.7 Beyond A*: IDA* and Fringe Search

Navigation Mesh in Game Programming Gems

  • Game Programming Gems 1
    • 3.6 Simplified 3D Movement and Pathfinding Using Navigation Meshes
  • Game Programming Gems 3
    • 3.2 Area Navigation: Expanding the Path-Finding Paradigm
    • 3.7 A Fast Approach to Navigation Meshes
  • Game Programming Gems 8
    • 3.3 Automated Navigation Mesh Generation Using Advanced Growth-Based Techniques

A* In AI Wisdom

  • AI Wisdom 1
    • "Basic A* Pathfinding Made Simple" James Matthews (Generation5)
    • "Generic A* Pathfinding" Daniel Higgins (Stainless Steel Software)
    • "Pathfinding Design Architecture" Daniel Higgins (Stainless Steel Software)
    • "How to Achieve Lightning Fast A*" Daniel Higgins (Stainless Steel Software)
      • Cheap List : most cheap 15 nodes + Unsorted open list
      • Lazy initialization : Don't initialize all of the nodes. Initialize nodes which are used in the previous searches.
    • "Practical Optimizations for A* Path Generation" Timothy Cain (Troika Games)
  • AI Wisdom 3
    • "Cooperative Pathfinding" David Silver (University of Alberta)

Navigation Mesh in AI Wisdom

  • AI Wisdom 1
    • "Building a Near-Optimal Navigation Mesh" Paul Tozour (Ion Storm Austin)
  • AI Wisdom 3
    • "Improving on Near-Optimality: More Techniques for Building Navigation Meshes" Fredrik Farnstrom (Rockstar San Diego)
    • "Smoothing a Navigation Mesh Path" Geraint Johnson (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
  • AI Wisdom 4
    • "Dynamically Updating a Navigation Mesh via Efficient Polygon Subdivision" Paul Marden (DigiPen Institute of Technology), Forrest Smith (Gas Powered Games)
    • "Intrinsic Detail in Navigation Mesh Generation" Colt "MainRoach" McAnlis (Ensemble Studios), James Stewart (Stormfront Studios)
    • "Navigation Mesh Generation: An Empirical Approach" David Hamm (Red Storm Entertainment)
    • "Navigation Graph Generation in Highly Dynamic Worlds" Ramon Axelrod (AIseek)

Some Notes

  • AI Wisdom 2
    • "Path Look-up Tables - Small is Beautiful" William van der Sterren (CGF-AI)
  • AI Wisdom 3
    • "Preprocessed Pathfinding Using the GPU" Renaldas Zioma (Digital Illusions Canada Inc.)