Gregory Igehy

Dancing at hemisphere coordinate

(WIP) About PBR shaders in graphics engines

  • For my curiosity, I'm reading sources codes of PBR shaders in graphics engines below.
  • I already read PBR calculations parts in (c) and (d), and reading codes in (a) and (b) at current.
  • (d) was the most simple shader configuration because it only include shader files for shading calculations. ( Notes of Substance PBR shader - Gregory Igehy )
  • (c) has some additional shader files for post processing (like SSAO, SSR, bloom), but the PBR part is very common with (d).
  • Also the PBR part of (a) and (b) are also similar with (b) and (c).
  • But (a) have so many shader files.
  • After understanding (a) and (b), I may write short notes of it.